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Repeat Services

Our service options range in price depending on factors such as the swimming pools perimeter, depth and the amount of brush/vegetation surrounding the area. Our full and Bi-weekly services include 1 free filter clean annually and plumbing/repair labor costs are discounted at 50% after 3 months of continual service. 

Weekly Full Service

Starting at $250---Average $280---Up To $400

Bi-Weekly Full Service

Starting at $190---Average $210---Up To $300

Chemical Only Service

Starting at $120---Average $135---Up To $180

Other Professional Services

We offer a wide range of services. We are professionals in many trades and have the ability to extend and redeem warranties on the products that we install.

Custom Pool Builds

Estimates calculated after Completed Pool Design.
Starting at $45,000---Average $85,000---Up to $500,000+

Custom Pool Remodels

Estimates Calculated after Completed Remodeling Plan.
Starting at $8,500---Average $45,000---Up To $500,000+

Service Call/Filter Clean/Pool Drain


Equipment Winterization

Starting at $200---Average $200---Up To $400
-equipment may be too low to winterize without draining

Plumbing/Repair Labor

Starting at $75 w/discount---Average $150---Up To $800

First Clean

Starting at $250---Average $300---Up To $500

Spot Cleanup (Plaster)

Cyanuric Acid Reduction



Acid Wash/Drain & Clean

Starting at $500---Average $750---Up To $2000

New Pool Mastic

$7 per linear foot

Mastic removal & replacement

$8 per linear foot

Power Washing

Starting at $150---Average $250---Up To $2000

New Pool Start Up

Starting at $300---Average $350---Up To $400

Pool Inspection