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Q. How much does a new inground swimming pool cost on average?

A. Average cost for a new inground custom swimming pool ranges around $70,000 depending on design and aesthetic preferences.

Q. How much does a remodel cost for an inground swimming pool?

A. Average cost for a pool remodel ranges around $40,000 depending on changes made and soundness of materials present prior to remodel.

Q. Can I build a pool at any time during the year?

A. In Texas the answer is yes, although during the winter it is best to plan for pool construction as there are only a few steps that can be completed when temperatures reach below 47 degrees.

Q. How much does it cost to maintain an inground swimming pool?

A. To maintain an inground swimming pool it costs between $3,000 to $8,000 annually. Our job as maintenance technicians is to minimize your cost by proactively spotting issues and keeping your equipment in good standing.

Q. How long should a maintenance technician spend at my pool for cleaning and chemical adjustments?

A. On average a maintenance technician should spend around 30 minutes on your pool but this may vary depending on the amount of debris.

Q. Why is my pool green?

A. Your pool is suffering from green algae growth. This can be easily corrected if caught early. we add the correct amount of shock, algaecide and make sure alkalinity is at the correct level.

Q. Why is there yellow dust on the walls and the floor of my pool?

A. This could be dust entering your pool or yellow(mustard) algae. Mustard algae requires a specific type of algaecide combined with shock to stop growth and remove.

Q. Why are there black spots on the plaster of my pool?

A. Black eraser like spots indicate black algae which is very difficult to kill. It has a tough outer coating that is resistant to treatment and will require a lot of elbow grease and multiple treatments with a specific algaecide and shock.

Q. Who supplies Chemicals for our pool service?

A. We supply all chemicals when you use our pool service.

Q. During fall and spring is there anything we can do about debris?

A. Yes, make sure all skimmer baskets are emptied daily to prevent equipment damage.

Q. How many times do we need to clean our filters?

A. Filters should be cleaned twice a year or more depending on how much dirt and debris enters the pool.

Q. During winter will my plumbing burst?

A. In most cases no, your equipment should be outfitted with freeze protection. Freeze protection keeps the water moving to prevent freezing. plumbing will burst if freeze protection is disabled or the power is off.

Q. Do we need service in the winter?

A. In Texas yes, our winters are inconsistent and fall causes ample debris. this will cause algae build up and the cost to clean up will be equivalent to sustained service.

Q. How long does it take to construct an inground swimming pool?

A. It can take from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on various factors such as Trees, sewer lines, water lines, electrical, HOA and county requirements.

Q. When Should I replace Mastic?

A. Always replace mastic when you can fit a quarter vertically in the crack between the mastic and the decking or coping.

Q. How often should Mastic be replaced?

A. Every 3 to 8 years depending on weather conditions, pool usage, maintenance frequency and product brand.